Welcome to Restful-Booker

An API playground created by Mark Winteringham for those wanting to learn more about API testing and tools

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Welcome to Restful-booker an API that you can use to learn more about API Testing or try out API testing tools against. Restful-booker is a Create Read Update Delete Web API that comes with authentication features and loaded with a bunch of bugs for you to explore. The API comes pre-loaded with 10 records for you to work with and resets itself every 10 minutes back to that default state. Restful-booker also comes with detailed API documentation to help get you started with your API testing straight away.

Whilst the bugs you find are intentional, the API shouldn't go down so if you come across any requests that cause the API to go down, let me know via Twitter.


If you want to learn more about API testing, please check out these courses that will teach you more about HTTP test design and automation skills.

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